Monday, September 1, 2014

ME Journal from Quo Vadis

The ME Journal from Quo Vadis is a joining of analog and digital journal keeping. I received this journal in one of the QV giveaways, on their blog.

These journals come in two sizes large (6 1/4 x 9 1/4") and pocket (4 x 6 3/8") and are available in three colors: black, red and raspberry. Hopefully, if they are popular they will add more colors.

The paper is Clairefontaine 85 g acid-free, pH neutral and archival quality, so if you are familiar with Quo Vadis products this one will provide the same high quality writing experience and if not, you should definitely be happy with it.

To add media to the page you simply scan the QR code on the page, which will take you to the app where you can upload your digital file: photo, music, audio file, etc.

At first I thought that this would make a great travel journal, but there is a limitation of only one attachment per page, so you would have to pick the best photo to represent the day your are documenting.

EDIT - you are able to add multiple photos to a page, but only through use on the app on your desktop, not the smartphone app. The website allows you to add multiple photos to create a slideshow, I only wish that the app would allow this also.

I am unhappy with the fact that the journal does not have a back pocket. I like back pockets to stash stuff, especially if I were to use it as a travel journal.

My second thought was as a collection journal, each page could be used to document the data of the items that you collect and then a picture could be linked to that page - say if you collected pens, for example.

Another thought was to document the life of a pet, from birth through old age.

I really could come up with endless ideas for using this journal, so even with the few shortcomings I think that this journal is a wonderful idea and will prove itself very useful.

As with all Quo Vadis products which I have used, the paper is a dream, with no feathering, bleed-through or show-through.

According to the Quo Vadis website, the ME Journal is available at:

Writers Bloc


Indy Pen Dance

Paper Bistro

The prices range from $14.97 for the pocket to $24.00 for the large. You will need to check with each vendor for the best prices and I'm sure that new sources will be available in the future.


mypenneedsink said...

Thanks for the review. I found the same thing when I looked at it, a perceived shortcoming of only a single media file for each page. I suspect that would require a much more robust phone / web app to support. That being said I can't clearly identify a use that I can't implement because of the single file restriction. In the end it's still a wonderful journal with awesome paper and the QR thing is an added bonus

Julie B said...

I really must learn not to moderate my comments on my iPhone - the small screen makes it too easy to accidentally delete instead of publish - which is what happened to the following message from Exaclair (fortunately, the comment was still sitting in my email:

"Exa Clair has left a new comment on your post "ME Journal from Quo Vadis":

Hello! Great review. One thing is that on the web app ( you can add multiple photo files to a single code which creates a photo slideshow. Yes you can't add a photo and a video and a news article to a single file but if you're using as a travel journal you can certainly add photos throughout the trip and playback as a slideshow video.

Simply use the web app option to add a photo and when that is uploaded you will see the option to add another photo and another etc. until you click save on the bottom right."

Medical Librarian said...

I've been wondering about whether to buy one of these journals, so thank you for the detailed review.

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