Monday, September 8, 2014

Featured Pen - Cavers Cigar Style - Dark Fire

2014 has been a very busy pen year (so far).

In addition to the Scriptorium Pens Bard that I featured a few weeks ago, I attended the DC Supershow and acquired 3 pens, some ink and a lovely refillable notebook (reviews will be coming). In addition, I received a pen that I had ordered over a year ago and picked up a black matte Lamy Safari from eBay for less than $8.

For this post I want to share an addition which was a little unexpected.

Some time ago I requested a pen from Ken Cavers, a wonderful pen maker (who is a physician in his spare time). The order got a little confused, in that by the time it came up neither of us could remember what I had requested AND we could not find the original email discussion. So new decisions needed to be made.

My first instinct was to inquire about a pen that he had just completed, Blue Nebula Cigar. Unfortunately that pen had already been claimed. So we began to discuss options. I decided on a cigar style pen like the Nebula and told him that I wanted something different for the material. This is the result.

This is a difficult pen to photo. It is basically a black pen shot though with stunning, glittery copper-red.

It is very difficult to see the beautiful opalescence of the material.

You can see Ken's photos of this pen, here.

It is topped with a lovely, smooth 1.1 stub nib.

This pen has quickly become a favorite, subtle but striking. Comfortable to write with and laying down a wonderful line.


Zoe, ontheroad said...

Enjoy the new pen. It does look grand. :)

phonelady said...

I really like that one . I actually broke down and got a cigar style one myself Im waiting for it to come in ...I hope im as happy with it and you seems to be are you ? how are the dogs ? are you coming to the Columbus fountain pen show ? im going to go cause I need some inks and I want to see the new pens you know anyways just thought I would ask take care my dear and enjoy that wonderful pen .

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