Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Name those pens!!

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

Twitter friends asked that I post photos of all my friends, so here they are. There are a few missing, the 8 that I keep in a pen box on my desk at work, I'll try to add a shot of those.

So, here is the challenge...can you name them?

(The last photo is my office pens, taken with my iPhone, I apologize for the lack of clarity.)



Trece said...

You totally did NOT tell me you had 3 Esties!!!!
I know I saw some Lamy Safaris, but the rest, I'm clueless.

Trece said...

The second from the left in the last group is a Waterman Phileas. I have one, too.

Aubrey said...

First pic:
Estie SJ green
Estie J copper
Estie SJ red
Retro 51 tornado mosaic
ACME ???
Bexley Corona summer storm
Gate City Pen New Dunn black
Visconti Rembrandt red
Pilot Prera pink

Aubrey said...

Eighth picture:
Kaweco Sport vintage
Aurora 88
Pilot Vanishing Point
Visconti Van Gogh midi
Pilot Falcon
Levenger L-tech
not sure
not sure
Noodler's ebonite
Edison Hudson green

Aubrey said...

Ninth picture:
Reform 1745 set
Pilot Vanishing Point vintage green
Pilot Vanishing Point stealth vintage
Levenger True Writer black
Montblanc 144 or 142
Lamy 27 vintage
Lamy Safari
Lamy Safari Vista

mim said...

I see some of the pens that I own. You display yours, I have mine in various tins.

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