Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Featured Pen - Ken Cavers Bamboo

Ken Cavers is the wonderful designer and maker behind this pen.  You can see his other work at Ken Cavers Custom Pens.

I got this pen because of the material.  My photo is above and gives some sense of the pen's shape and style, but I borrowed the next four photos from Ken's webpage and they truly give you more feel of the depth and beauty of this material.

This material is just wonderful, it glows under the lights and gives off a wonderful sense of depth. I had a few concerns when I first ordered this pen, because from the photos there appears to be a substantial step down from the body to the grip section, but now that I have the pen, let me assure you that this difference is not noticeable when using the pen.

In addition to the pen, I ordered this adorable matching pen rest. Since this is a pen without a clip, if you are going to have it sitting on your desk, you may what to consider a pen rest, of some kind.

Ken's photos turned out so much better than mine, I just could not bring myself to post the ones that I took.

The photo below, is not great, but I wanted to give you an idea of the size of this pen. It is a substantial but comfortable pen.

From top to bottom, Nakaya Piccolo, Cavers Bamboo, Parker 51.

I purchased this pen with a fine steel nib, but the nibs screw in and out of this pen and so I swapped it for one I had on hand. This is a really nice feature which is also available on the Edison Pens.

Take some time and check out Ken's pens in his Gallery.  This is a high quality pen and I'm sure that you will be happy with the workmanship, no matter which style you choose.


Azizah said...

*sighs longingly* I love the way you describe its color... must have one...

Estivalia said...

Ooh, what a beautiful pen! The ink you choose for it it's perfect too :)

Trece said...

I love the color of this pen. Green is my favorite color, and this looks like malachite.

Kevin Mackey said...

Ye gods! I can't see this now. I just can't!

This is a gorgeous pen, the shape, the color, the pattern - everything.

I've now added Ken's website to my list of pen-related sites.

A one-of-a-kind like this is quite something.

Enjoy it.

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